Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday "Face the Pain" Night

Tuesdays have been epic. This was no different.

I don't know if it was on purpose, but the heat in the gym was set on like 85 degrees. I seriously broke a sweat just putting on my gi. Clint ran cardio; and it was an intense, non stop 45 minutes of sprinting, strength drills, conditioning drills, shots, sprawls, neck bridges, and more. I could barely do the neck bridges because of the massive amounts of sweat shooting out of my head. I was slipping and sliding all over the place. A new guy puked to add to the excitement.

We then split to regular class and basics class. I did basics class this time, as I wanted to continue the guard passing theme Charles is working. I think this has been very helpful, especial used in conjunction with my improving standing pass. Charles worked on troubleshooting common problems when you have the knee lead in. We started with a drill of getting a guys foot off your hip when you are in his guard. You scissor your legs out, while keeping the top of your body square to avoid being swept. We then moved on the recounters to the z guard.

The first thing we worked on is when the opponent puts his knee into your chest (z-guard or 93 guard some people call it). The remedy is to do the smash & pass. Push the guys top leg (the one in your chest) down to the floor (this can be a fight). Keep ALL your weight pressed on the guys legs/hips and walk around to pass the gwuard.

The next counter we worked on was when the guy stuck one butterfly hook in. I have worked this before with Clint in class. The first thing to do with any butterfly defense is to scootch in TIGHT to the enemy. You want to trap his hooked foot right up against his ass. Remember to mainain good posture throughout to prevent him from coming up off his back. You then take your hand and reach underneath and grab his hooked foot. If he has his right foot hooked, you would take your right hand. Grab the foot, sprawl out...and smash and pass. We finished up after drilling dead reps in each position to going to active resistance. This was good, and I need some more work on it.

We finished the last 30 mins of class by alternating running with 5 or 6 minute rolls (can't remember which). After we were done with a live roll, instead of resting we would run. This was TOUGH. You could tell on peoples faces they were close to hitting the wall. I got to roll with an exhausted Crazy Bob which is always a blast, as well as Brandon and Tim.

We finished class with more interval SPRINTING with Big Dawg yelling to keep working hard and upping the intensity.

It was an awesome class! I came home and ate chicken for dinner and literally passed out at like 10pm. I can't wait for the Arnolds!

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