Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Knee Spreader Knightmares

Wednesday is no-gi night, starring the amazing Mr. Hyde.

We did a tough HIIT sprint workout followed with Hydes torturing strength exercises. We then did our series of kneebar flow drills and "new school" triangle drills with a partner.

He then showed a bunch of cool, crazy moves I've never seen before. The first was the "knee spreader". It's going to be a little challenging to describe this one. When you are in an opponents butterfly guard or thread your left arm (for illustrative purposes...obviously can be your right) through his leg from the outside in. You then throw you left leg over his thigh as you are falling to your side. You can RNC grip with your hand holding your own ankle, or you can figure four your legs. You squeeze his leg together in a calf crusher motion, pulling your arm towards you. I'm sure this doesn't make sense, but I promise what we did spreads the knee apart, causing submission.

The next thing we learned was Hydes straight ankle lock. He showed a very basic entry from open guard. You want your middle leg tucked by the guys cup in between his legs, and your outside leg curled onto his stomach (so you can push if he sits up). Hyde uses the bone side of his arm and positions it under the calf muscle. He gable grips and leans back. This should be done while on your side so you can pull back farther.

Another variation of the Hyde ankle lock (if the guy doesn't tap), is to switch to a RNC grip on the opponents calf. Your hand should by just below the guys knee. This is brutal and will definitely finish anyone not named Nick Kolk.

We got about 20 minutes of live rolling in after all the technique. I got the pleasure of rolling with Ryan, who made me his bitch.

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