Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today was no-gi wednesday with Mr. Hyde. There was a decent turnout for class, like 10 people I think.

We started out doing the new advanced HIIT workout after a few minutes warmup. This was followed by a few minutes of cool down and then strength training for upper body and core. Yes that means really hard pushup variants and really hard situp variants. The cool thing is the whole conditioning was done in 30-40 minutes, but it is proven, effective method that leaves you with a great full body workout.

After conditioning we went to the kneebah to kneebah to heel hook flow drill. We then did the new version of Hydes triangle drill. It focuses on shooting your top leg laterally across your oppoenents neck immediately. You have your hips in the air and have your body weight on his neck. This makes the finish much less of a fight and puts your weight on the enemy instead of vice versa.

For the technique portion of class Ryan showed moves from the crucifix position. We learned entries from a head outside single shot and from attacking turtle. We then learned a few finishes including an armbar on the arm trapped between his legs, and the more common choke. The choke you just finish with one hand (grabbing the collarbone or shoulder) as you don't want to lose the immobilization of the opponents hand. The video below shows the turtle entry and a gi choke, although for no-gi you don't use the gi (duh). Oh yeah, it's in french.

We finished class with a few rounds of live rolling. Another great class!

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