Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lemon Garlic Shrimp

It twas' a very small class today. I dont know what better plans you could have on a saturday night, but I got my BJJ on!

Clint put us through another sadistic journey into pain. He focused on ab workouts for the first hour of class. Yes HOUR. We did countless sets of situps, flutter kicks, hello dollys, and a new one where we opened our legs and pretended to go up and get a cross collar choke on a guy from our guard. My abs were burnin good.

We did tons of shrimp drills in between sets, and many of us had poor technique. Clint then broke down proper shrimping, along with the reasoning behind it. We then went to live resisting shrimping with a guy mounting us. We did the elbow knee escape first and then did the upa escape. Clint talked about using escapes in conjuction with one another and to avoid being mounted immediately.

We then alternated sprinting with live rolling, grabbing new partners each time. I rolled with bigger guys and worked on movement in my gwaurd. I did so so. I was definitely fatigued from all the cardio. It sucks being old. We finished class doing interval sprints well past scheduled class time.

Tomorrow I am just going to go to no-gi as I don't know if 4 hours would be a great idea after busting my ass this week after my vacation.

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