Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big Dawg Nights

I am updating this way too late, so some of my memory has faded from this wonderful day of training.

Clint ran class, so needless to say it was a great workout. I feel like I'm kind of starting to get sick, so my goal is to get better...and to pass on my sickness to Jeff Wenstrom.

Today was Big Dawg focused on the half guard position from the bottom. He showed us proper technique when playing half guard; you have to be on your side with your paws up to fight his crossface. You can't let him break you down flat on your back are it's game over.

We learned a cool half guard sweep I've never seen before, from the deep half guard position. Assuming you have your right arm underhooking the opponents leg.... You pull out the mans far lapel with your left hand. You then move it behind him with your right hand threading under his leg. You pull tight. This keeps him from being able to base up. You then grab his near side lapel with your right hand and pull down. Now he really can't base up. With your feet, you thread under his leg (kind of like one footed x guard) and toss him over you to the side. He goes flying. You move easily to side control.

I realize there is no humanly way possible to understand what I wrote without seeing it, but this blog is for me after all =)

We then did the exciting "groups of 3" drill. We took 8 minute turns playing bottom half guard. Every 30 seconds a fresh man from the group would come in. You had to sweep the guy in the allotted time. If you didn't you got to do pushups as a reward. The drill continues until all 3 guys have had thier 8 minutes in the hot seat. Half guard is one of my better positions, so this was a fun drill for me. Despite my exhaustion, I swept the guy maybe half the time. I could have done better, but it was a good workout and I got to refine my technique a little more.

Class ended with live rolling for 6 minute sets. I got some fun rolls in, and was spent.

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