Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just no-gi sunday

20 days until the Arnolds!

I just did no-gi today. I should have done both, but I'm trying not to overtrain. It's not working but I cant stay out of the gym.

Mr. Hyde opened up with HIIT sprints and several alternating pushup/situp based strength and conditioning drills. I had a good sweat going.

We then did our kneebah and triangle drills. It then started to get a little crazy and turn into kneebar day. Ryan and Matt showed kneebars from all over the place. When a guy stands up...kneebar. When you have 93 guard....kneebar. When you are in half guard but don't the opponent won't let you do the knee on belly to kneebar...kneebar!

In the midst of all the kneebar craziness Hyde also showed an effective sweep from deep half guard. It's stupid simple but effective. This is a gem as Mr Hyde does't like this position. You grab the guys hand and put your top knee into his shoulder, pulling his hand. You use then rock him forward like a pendulum sweep.

I got some fun rolls in after this and before you know it they made me go home. Great class!

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