Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rasslin' with danger

WOOOHOOO! The dutch assassin is back from vacation. My rested body had little time to relax as Clint put us through another long, intense cardio session. Everything is being done in intervals with "active" rest, so there is literally no time for your muscles to be lazy. Needless to say I was sore after this one.

For technique today, Clintao had us drill a couple takedowns. The first was a firemans carry from a same side lapel grip. The key to this move is to move laterally to get your opponent off his base. You use his momentum stepping forward to attack the leg in a high crotch motion, then rolling down and throwing your opponent over your shoulder/head.

The 2nd takedown we learned was also from the same side lapel grip, but is an armspin throw. This move is more effective when the enemy is not letting you close to him, keeping his arm stiff and base back. The mechanics are similar to the firemans carry throw, except instead of going with a high crotch shot, you shoot your arm (like an uppercut motion) under the oppoents arm. You stay upright during this "uppercut". You then throw him over your shoulder/back while rolling to the ground. I hit this throw a couple times this week in free rolling and it's deeerty.

Awesome class! I am excited to be back.

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