Saturday, February 28, 2009

3 hours of power

Jeff had a dream. A dream where himself, me, and Mark VT would get together before class saturday for an hour and roll. We fulfilled this dream today.

We came an hour early and did lots of live rolling. We started with no-gi takedowns, constantly rotating in the fresh guy. We then switched to short 3 minute no-gi matches. You would do two in a row, then sit out out. After this we put on our kimonos, and continued rolling for the remainder of the time. It was a tough workout before class even began!

Class was run by the big dawg. It was pretty much cardio for 2 hours. We did a lot of running, sprinting, shrimping, and swimming. We then switched it up and played "the ring of fire" . We started with guard passing until everyone was done, then switched being up/down and played through the second round.

We then ran a couple more ring of fire sets...starting in different positions including mount, half guard, and side control. This was a grueling, effective lung burning, edurance building session! There is no rest for the crabnation, and we immediately transitioned after this to live rolling. We did 6 minute matches, with short bursts of cardio in between.

Class finished up with partner ladder pushups, up and down from 10. Mitch and I were spent after pushing through our sets.

Only one week until NAGA! I am feeling a bit beat and sore. I have obviously been overtraining, but now is the time to be smart. I may take tomorrow off to heal up a little. This would give me 2 days off before my last classes Tues, Wed, and Thurs before the Arnolds. We shall see how I feel. I'm so pumped!

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