Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mounted Thunder

Thursday I showed up like 10 minutes late due to one of the main distractions I have from my BJJ game (work). I jumped right into the conditioning where "Crazy" Chris Crampton had us doing a variety of modified pushups and situps.

We then went into top mount escapes. Chris demonstrated the proper shrimping technique, followed by a small variation where you take your "up" leg over your "down" leg to lift up the guys foot. You then push his knee straight back to half guard position. You then switch your hips and finish with a final shrimp (with your top hand on his shoulder and bottom on his knee) to escape to full guard.

We then did an escape drill with a group of 3. This is similar to the drill Clint made us do last week with back mount escapes. One person stayed in on bottom and the two partners took turns in 30 second shifts mounting them. The goal for the bottom guy was to escape full mount. If he couldn't, then he had to do 5 pushups. Each of the three guys on the team had their turn for 7 minutes straight. This was more merciful then the 15 minutes Clint made us do, but still was a great exercise. My preferred mount escape is to start shrimping then hook the guys foot to lift it up and push his knee so I'm back in half guard. This was more effective for me in the times I did escape.

We finished up with live rolling. I didn't roll the greatest, but got to work on some guard stuff and had fun.

I am so very addicted.

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