Sunday, February 8, 2009


I just did no-gi today, on account of I'm old and sore from getting my ass kicked this past week.

For warmup we jogged for a couple minutes, then did sprint/jog intervals for cardio exactly like this:

Hyde then switched to drills for a bit and we did the kneebar/kneebar/heel hook flow drill for a nice long while. Hyde then showed his bicep slicer/armdrag series where you can submit with the slice from full guard, or change off to take the back (or sweep if he leans into you). The sweep is just like a gi technique clint taught and made perfect sense. I love it when stuff comes together.

We finished with live rolling and I got a couple good rolls in with Hyde, Crampton, Bronson, and others. I am SO fortunate to have such KICK ASS training partners!

I could barely walk a couple hours after legs hurt so bad. Obviously this HIIT stuff works. It's going to be good fun to outwork the blue belts at the Arnold and watch their dejected faces as they lose to a white belt =)

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