Friday, February 27, 2009

Comp Class- 1 week until Arnolds!

Tonight was competition class. It was just myself and Brandon, along with George Chezem watching in street clothes, and Doug came over later after kids class. This proved to be a very valuable class as Mr. Hyde gave a lot of individual attention.

We started with the obligatory conditioning. We did HIIT sprints, followed by more conditioning work, and finishing up with...well...more sprints. I was quite winded. I've been noticing that I've been getting VERY out of breathe at the beginning of class, and then as class goes on I'm fine. Hyde said something that your body is learning to process lactic acid better once, and I'm thinking he's a smarter man then I.

We then did a series of live rolling drills for most of class. We would have one guy be "in" starting in random positions. We would roll for one minute, then the fresh guy would come in. We would then switch who was "in". We did this for like 45 minutes, and got some awesome rolls in.

Hyde then started a Q & A session, asking us about our games, and what we thought were our strengths and weaknesses. This was very cool, and insightful. I told him my strengths were takdowns and bottom half guard sweeps. Some of my weaknesses are holding good side control (not letting them re-guard after I pass), and finishing from the back. Hyde walked through some answers to remedy these situations. We then finished our positional live rolling game, going in our weakest positions. Hyde was right there giving on the spot feedback and pointers.

This was an exceptional class, and very helpful for me and I think for Brandon as well!

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