Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sabado Gigante

Clint had a small group of warriors ready for action saturday night. We did a 40 minute workout to start things off. This included running, sprinting, partner back carries, partner pushups, ab work, and more.

Clint then showed the fundamentals of the standing guard pass. This is always good for me, as I need as much practice on this pass as I can get. I picked up a great new detail as well. When standing up, you always start with your foot that's on the same side of the arm you are controlling (the other hand is holding both lapels). As you stand up you want to walk forward a step or two, so that his hips are over his head more. This detail makes the pass much easier as the guy is more immobilized since he can't move his hips.

Big Dawg then showed a counter for when the guy hooks your leg when standing. You want to tuck your near arm immediately inside his leg (to avoid omaplata sweep). Then you put your near knee on his belly (or neck....whatever). You should then have enough control to switch and put your far leg into the prototypical knee on stomach position.

The Crabfather finished off by explaining proper posture, and showed the "sargeant" sweep from bottom. When the guy stands up you hook the near leg then open your legs. You kick your free leg to give you momentum to roll your body into turtle position right behind the guy, but with your arm around his ankle/bottom leg (backwards). You push back into the opponent who falls over. Face him and start to pass his guard.

We finished class with alternating cycles of 6 minute rolls and running laps. I love saturdays! Not too many people come, and you get a lot of great black belt instruction from Big Dawg!

PS. I found a cool website I encourage those who read this to take the time and rate their instructor. The BJJ communicty is self policing. This gives a chance to give positive or negative (I think both are important) on instructors you have dealt with.

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