Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Daywalkers 17 days until the Arnolds

I did the day class with Charles aka "Cthulhu".

After some warmup we got into guard passing and troubleshooting common problems with the knee lead pass. This is a continuation of what he has been working with us on for the last several weeks.

If the guy puts his knee up into Z guard, you smash the leg down with your chest.

If the guy puts his foot on your hip, you need to sit out (baseball slide style) while keeping proper posture with the top half of your body. This exits the foot of your knee and you can start the long process over again.

I then worked with C on defending guard pulls from standing, dropping right into the knee lead pass. This was very helpful, and i was able to get practice from a variety of angles.

This was a great class, and it was great to get out during the day for my first time. Unfortunately with my job, it's not too conducive to daywalking. I gotta figure something out as these are such great classes!

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