Sunday, February 22, 2009

If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough

12 days until the Arnolds!

I decided to do both gi and nogi classes back to back today! I was doing housework (shut up!) before class, and lost track of time a little bit. I forgot to eat lunch before I had to leave for the 1:30pm gi class. No big deal, right? More on that later.

I showed up to class a few minutes early and got to play around with some new moves I had picked up from my buddies Robson, Damien, and Marcelo. Nothing revolutionary or worth mentioning...just a de la Riva counter, a hyde-oplata entry, a new gi choke from side mount, and possibly another secret move or two.

Class began, and it was pretty busy for a Sunday class. There were probably 15 people there. Crazy Crampton ran cardio first and put us through 10 minute HIIT sprints in 30 sec intervals. We then did some twisted versions of pushups, situps, and a bunch of shrimps were thrown in there somewhere. After this we did a 3 man drill sweep drill. Each partner took 7 minute turns as being "it". You had 30 seconds to sweep your man, starting in guard. If you failed you had to do pushups. Every 30 seconds the fresh man in the group would come in your guard for you to start over and try and sweep him. Once 7 minutes passed, you switched to another guy on the bottom. I really like these style drills. They are great, intense cardio, help you develop "go to" moves, and mimic competition situation.

Chris then had us work some x-guard. He first went over how to obtain x-guard form the half guard. You just need to shrimp out to make room, then put your outside leg in as a butterfly hook. He then showed us 2 sweeps. The first one was one that JG showed us at his last seminar. Once you have the man in the x-guard with his leg secured next to your head, you underhook this leg and grab right by the knee. You then sit up and as you are sitting you extend your legs. This forces the opponent to lose balance and put all his weight on the far foot. You then stand up in base, and end up holding his leg up in the air. You then just sweep his foot (you may have to walk him around a little if he has great balance). The next sweep Crampton showed was from the x-guard, you take out your top leg (not the one on his knee). You use this free leg to pendulum sweep the man forward. You use your x hook to knee lead pass immediately through the guard. Good stuff!

We finished class with a bunch of live rolling for 6 minute sessions. I got some fun rolls in.

After gi class was done I worked on some white belt half guard passing with Brandon. He has a crushing control from top half guard and side control, and I just showed him how I pass the half guard from what Clint and Chris had taught me.

Before you knew it, no-gi class was upon us. Crampton rallied the minions (no-gi is the devil) together, and we started cardio round #2. Most everyone was smart and went home after gi, other then a couple soldiers including America's most eligible bachelor...Iggy.

Cardio was a lot of running, shrimping, and strength excercising. About 20 minutes into Cardio, Big Dawg came! He stepped right in and made sure this was a tough workout. We began sprinting, doing partner pushups, and using constant movement to maximize our burn. Holy shit. This aint easy for an old fat guy.

For the technique portion of class, Clint showed us two moves to break down turtle. Both involve proper posture of putting your weight on the enemies hip. Never go straight behind the man, and never give him your arm so he can suck it in and roll you. The first move you step your foot up on the ground right in front of the guy, baiting him to take it. He will. It's like when you take out a fish, a seal will run over and dance, then eat it. Once the guy grabs your leg, you immediately swing your leg (and his arm)back down towards his hip and fall down to your side. You want to initially not put your top hook in , but put it under his knee pushing up for control. Surprise! You now have the guys back PLUS you have one of his arms pinned in your leg. You then put your bottom arm under his chin and push his head towards the ground. Finish the RNC and put your hands in the air.

The second move Big Dawg showed for attacking turtle is when the guy does grab your arm and puts it under his body. You can't let him yank it too far under or you will get rolled (or if you are going against Hyde you will have your arm ripped off your body). What you do is stay TIGHT. You walk around the guys butt, and push up on his arm (reversing his kimura lock). You then take one BIIIIG step over on the other side of his body and sit down for the far side armbar. You want the guys shoulder off the ground. Knees tight, arch back....tap tap tap.

After working these moves for a bit it was time for more sprinting and running. Then live rolling. Then sprinting, then live rolling, etc. I started feeling like shit at this point, but I figured I'm just old and tired. No worries. I got to roll with Clint. I almost had him a few times, and I think I was starting to intimidate him. Oh wait, that was someone else. I was submitted like 13 times in 6 minutes. We finished class with more sprinting in pushups. I could barely physically do it.

I drank almost a gallon of water during the 5 hour duration of workout...but I felt sick. I picked up some gaterade on the way home. About half way home I broke out into a cold sweat and started shaking really bad. My joints starting hurting and my leg and shoulder muscles were cramping. This isn't good. I got home and stumbled in the door. I was shaking and my teeth were chattering . I took a very hot shower and finished the gatorade. I dried off and layed down on the couch with my special blankie. I was shaking like a ghetto girls booty. My wife made me a steak with beans (nom nom) which I reluctantly ate. At one point I thought I was going to either die or go to the hospital but slowly I started feeling better. I think I was dehydrated combined with not having any protein or carbs in me. Remember when I didn't eat lunch? BAD IDEA. Proper eating and drinking during overtraining is crucial! I got a call from Big Dawg later in the evening making sure I wasn't dead, which I thought was pretty awesome.

Anyways, Monday is a day off which my old ass needs. Tuesday, I'm gonna kick some ass.

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