Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The kimono-less night prowler

2 classes in one day? Why not! I went to Dr. Hyde-oplata's no-gi tech factory, and I was ready to get my learn on.

Class started out with tough conditioning as always. We did the 30 second HIIT cycle followed up strength exercises involving modified pushups and situps. It took me a little while to get my sweat on...but as soon as the last HIIT sprint was done and we did the plank position immediately after, you could see the water shooting from my pores.

We are in a nice routine, practicing the kneebar flow dril and triangle drills. I had a newb from GVSU as my partner, so I had to walk him through the movements a few times but he caught on very quick. He's going to be fighting at PLF at the intersection so go check him out.

Hyde showed us a cool reverse triangle counter when a guy shoots an inside leg single. You can find a Mcdojo showing the position here. It's difficult to finish the triangle from here, but there are armlocks galore from the position, and you can also grap the guys near or far knee and pull it towards you to get extra torque which will finish the choke.

We finished with some live rolling. I got some nice sweaty rolls in with almost all 7-8 guys there. Awesome!

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