Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Funday

I did the gi class sunday, which was awesome...but I should have done both as Big Dawg ran no-gi with only two they basically got a free private class.

Gi was well worth it with the oft mentioned, and much appreciated Mr. Hyde.

We started off class with HIIT sprints. We haven't really sprinted much (if at all) since the Arnolds. This was no joke and I was pretty wasted after the 10 minute cycle. Hyde then of course did his deranged chain of inhumane strength drills that make you want to cry. Good times!

We worked triangle drills for a while, before getting to Hydes meat for the day: the turtle guard. We started with some drills, playing around in the turtle position...moving around, getting a grasp of where to put your grips and where to move (never behind the guy).

The Man-Beast then showed some escape techniques for us to practice....the roll out to full guard, the shrip out to half guard//underhook, and finally his patented rolling straight armlock. We got ample time to work these out with Mr. Hyde pacing the room, making subtle corrections to everyone.

Raw-Hyde then showed us a good offensive move for breaking down the turtle. You grap the very back of their collar and their far side gi pant by the ankle. You stand up and brace their body with your knee. You then roll the over their shoulder by you. Hyde said he learned this at JG's school in Cincinnatti, and this guy that showed it was 5'3" and 200 lbs of raw muscle...and that he pretty much cleaned and jerked guys! I wasn't QUITE that impressive when trying it on Mark Thesz, but thought it was a good move that I want to play with.

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