Friday, March 20, 2009

PLFC weigh ins

I had to work in Detroit all day today, and didn't get back home until almost 7pm. Friday night competition class is from 6pm-8pm. This happens to be my favorite class of the week, so I decided just to show up anyways and see what happens. Because the PLFC MMA show is tomorrow too, I knew that a ton of people would probably be up there for weigh ins and stuff.

I got to class around 7:30pm and saw a couple guys on the mat still. I ran in the back to change and got a couple rolls in to get my fix. As a cool bonus, I got to work with Brandon Klein for a good half an hour after class rolling. We worked on half guard, as Brandon is trying to tighten up his bottom game (his half guard top is deadly).

There was a lot of commotion going on, with all the fighters eating and rehydrating. I stayed after rolling with Brandon and helped clean up a little bit and hung out with Brandon, James, Molly, and kids. I'm pumped for the PLFC tomorrow! I get to sit in the VIP next to Hermes Franca! It's gonna be ridiculously crazy. Sunday is the Hermes seminar, and I know Jon Stutzman (Jorge Gurgel's first blackbelt) is coming too, and I am very excited!

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