Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hyde and Seek

Today was no-gi Wednesday with Mr. Hyde. With the Arnold's coming up, Hyde decided to switch up the format of his class a little bit. We started off with a bunch of cardio (including the always favorite HIIT sprints), and some body weight excercises...but he stayed clear of the heavy pushup type lifting motions today. We need to rest up our muscles a bit before Saturday.

For technique, Hyde showed a couple basic no-gi movements that he sees us not executing perfectly. He showed the no-gi standing guard pass, focusing on getting your hips out (humping the air in front of you). Then he showed some bottom full guard stuff, going over hand control and armdrags. He kept it very simple, and we worked on these concepts for a bit.

For most of the rest of the class we did a modified "ring of fire". Hyde did it in similar style as to the competition class this past friday. The guy that stayed in the round had to choose one position that he was having issues with. We then did a round of rolling in that position, and the partner gave feedback to him. Hyde was supervising the whole time and adding in his expert analysis as well. We did 3 rounds for each person, giving them a chance to work multiple positions. When we were done we switched to the next guy and repeated the drill. I got to work with 5-6 guys, all giving me feedback on my problems! This is awesome stuff. I focused on escaping side control, and passing no-gi guard for the most part. I got a few subtle, nice ideas from working with my awesome training partners.

We finished class with some live rolling in 5 minute sessions. I think I got to roll with pretty much all 5 or 6 guys, and Mr. Hyde himself. Class ended 15 minutes late (sweet!) and people had to go. I wanted to go on forever.

Only 3 days until the Arnolds! I weighed 187.8 after class, which was lighter then Mark, Jeff, and Hyde. Hell yea I'm gonna brag!

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