Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Gi Wednesday

Wednesday. No-gi day. No-gi is the devil, but I fear not.

Hyde pronounces at the start of class that we are going to do a lot of cardio today. I was shocked (sarcasm meter is at 10)! Hyde is a cardio king and put us through his usual routine of HIIT sprints and various strength training and yoga like body weight excercises. It gets you very exhausted, very quickly.

We then did our drilling of the kneebar flow drill and triangle drill. There were some newer people to the no-gi class, so Hyde took some time to explain the positions, breaking them down piece by piece. We took a lot of time to make sure everyone got to work through the positions to understand the concepts.

For the technical portion of class, Hyde focused on armdrags. He showed various setups from different positions and explained the underlying concepts. Hyde has a gift for discovering the core movements of some complex techniques, and dumbing them down to a level where white belts can easily understand. We spent a lot of time practicing these drags between everyone.

We then got a TON of rolling in. I rolled with everyone, and before you know it class time was over. That didn't stop Ryan who was ready for more. I was very fortunate to get to roll with Ryan and Crazy Bob for a half an hour after class! I am so blessed to have such great mentors and training partners. They are patient with me and help me out more then they know.

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