Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sudbury Saturday Night

Tonight was a really cool class. Mr. Hyde oversaw class, but mostly gave the wheel over to Dan-O, who is one of my greatest BJJ role models.

Dan-O had us do a nice long warmup before starting a variety of partner drills. We did buddy carries, situps, and a bunch of other cruel stuff.

After the hearty warmup Dan-O showed us where he really shines...his effortless technique. We first worked a scissor sweep variation from 93 guard (watch Robson Moura for details). Dan-O showed some good details on the posish, telling us the how important good knee placement is. We worked this one with a same side lapel grip and same side You shrimp out, open your guard, brace your bottom leg against the opponents...then fall to your side as you kick you upper leg for the scissor sweep. Very nice!

Next Dan-O showed us a half butterfly sweep with these same grips. You can work this position for the first sweep, and do this version if the guy traps one of your legs in a butterfly position. You need to get TIGHT to the man first and foremost. You then scoop under him, getting all his weight on top of you as you roll back. Simultaneously you kick your butterflied hook up and kick the man over for the sweep.

Dan rocked the house in one of his first teaching gigs ever! I look forward to many more lessons from Prof. Pain!

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