Friday, March 27, 2009

Comp Class

I was a little nervous for this competition class. Clint was going to be teaching at GVSU, and Hyde wasn't able to make it. Hyde asked me to run class. I've been to literally hundreds of classes, so I know the basic x's and o's of how it goes, but don't want to come crossed as a white belt douche; and mostly don't want to show anyone improper technique.

Luckily it didn't matter. No one showed up except Dan-O (tough blue belt extraordinaire). Dan wasn't even planning on rolling, but when no one showed up, graciously offered to help me get some work in. We rolled for about 3-4 10-15 minute rounds and he worked his unstoppable, methodical game on me almost at will. I was in defense mode most of the battle. He helped me with reguarding when getting caught in half butterfly. Dan is really tough in the position after working with Mr. Hyde who is deadly from bottom in all positions.

It was a great and effective time, and I really appreciate Dan for helping a brother out!

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