Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hammer Time

It's only 4 days until the Arnold Classic!

Class tonight was pretty much all cardio and a lot of rolling with only a little basic technique thrown in by the dawgfather. No sense in racking our brains and reinventing the wheel with such a short time to go before competition.

We started with a long warmup with some running, a lot of shrimping, and some other random BJJ and crossfit stuff thrown in there. Gradually Big Dawg turned up the pace until we were all out sprinting.

We gathered in and Clint showed some basic posture rules when in someones full guard. He showed the antidote to when someone grabs a deep collar...you just swim your head underneath his arm. Way to easy, but highly effective like all of Clint's stuff. After playing with our posture we switched to some basic full guard bottom movements when you have a deep collar grip. He showed the "collar drag", which is like an armdrag but you use the guys collar. You open up your guard and sit out, then shift your hips creating momentum for the guy to drag by you. If done right he should hit the floor and you have his back. If that doesn't work, Clint showed the loop choke (click here for a variation). This is one of my favorite chokes, and is a great idea any time, but especially late in the match if you are down on points or need to finish.

After working Clint's techniques we did a lot of situational rolling and then live rolling. It was a very good pre-tournament class. I am PUMPED for the Arnolds! One of the coolest parts is I weighted in at 189 after class, which puts me on weight. I am going in the 180-189 no-gi intermediate, and blue belt divisions. The last couple NAGA's I wasn't nearly as dedicated to my training, and didn't make weight until the very last day. I was 203 after my cruise about a month ago, so that makes 14 lbs lost in a month! Hang out with Clint and you will see your waist line shrink too!

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