Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crazy Chris Guard Passing

Crampton took over Thursday night, and made sure we would have a workout to remember. We did a lot of sprinting, shrimping, seal walking, swimming, etc. We then did takedowns for like 10 minutes each with varying degrees of resistance. After both guys had their shot we moved to a pass the guard drill. We started in guard and had to score a point in 1 minute. If either guy didn't score a point, they had to do pushups. This upped the action as both guys were forced to open up and scramble for points. We did this for 6 minutes on bottom and then switched and did 6 minutes on top with different partners. It was a fun drill.

Chris then showed his favorite Robinho guard passes. The first version he showed was when you take a same side lapel grip. You pull back tight so your elbow is next to your same side hip. The other arm you grap his sleeve and pull back tight. You put your knee in the butt, and then swing your leg (the one holding his sleeve) out hard in one motion. This should open the guard. If it doesn't that's ok. You push down on the knee to open his guard more, then slide your same side knee over his leg. You then continue to pass as normal.

The second variation Crampton showed was Robson's single lapel pass. Robson can show it better then I can explain it, so check out that link. This is a sweet pass, but I have trouble with it against resisting opponents. I need to work on it a little more and focus on getting the lapel below the guys elbow.

We then had time for a couple live rolls before we had to clear it out for wrestling practice. After class I learned some exciting news that we are going to pick up our new cage for our school. This should help boost our MMA program to even greater heights!

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