Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Standing Pass Troubleshooting

I was excited to get back on the mats after having a birthday weekend off in detroit. This class did not dissapoint. Big Dawg put us through a solid workout to start off class, with several drills interplaced. We have been doing a lot of drilling lately which I think is awesome and very helpful to get quality real time reps in different positions to work on the pieces of my game that I am dealing with.

I did the regulard class tonight, and Clint went over some concepts and mistakes that he noticed at the Arnolds. He spent the most time on the standing guard pass, which was awesome since I suck at it and it has been something I have been working on for like a year now. The primary mistake people (like me) were making was we were keeping our head down. Clint emphasized to keep good posture throughout with your head straight up and your hips out, humping the air in front of you (if you will). The other main point I got (kind of, as I keep screwing up), is that when you stand up and the opponent doesn't come up with you, you should let go of his arm and go straight to the same side knee pass. I need a lot of work with this, but see the light that with enough repetitions it will become and unstoppable pass.

We finished up with live rolling for the last 20 minutes or so of class. I feel like this class was tailored for me, as It is one of the major parts of my game I am working on.

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