Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spider Thursday

Ryan "Mr." Hyde ran the first part of class thursday, and amazingly we didn't do any HIIT sprints, or any other kind of sprints. Theres a first time for everything! What we did do was a bunch of partner excercises. Partner carries, Australian pushups, partner leg lifts, partner sit ups, etc. For some reason I was sweating even more then normal. I am turning into the Dave #2 I think.

We went over the spider guard position after our workout, and Ryan reviewed the basic concepts of the spider guard. He had everyone play around with it until the mostly white belt class somewhat understood. He then showed the sweeps that Hermes showed us in the seminar this past sunday. They both start in spider guard and then have you sit up grabbing a De la Riva hook. The first sweep you kick the back leg out and drop towards the ground, making the enemy fall. The second one, you sit up, letting go of the grips and suck the hooked leg back, taking him down. Clint chimed in a few times after watching out shitty technque and gave a few details to help with the positions.

We had about 30 minutes of sparring, and I tried to work out of side control and bad positions as much as possible.

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