Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crazy Crampton Thursday

Tonight class was a lot of fun, and a different structure from most. Crampton ran class as Clint was kicking the MMA guys asses, getting them ready for their fights saturday. We did a ton of cardio (yes I know I say this every class, but its true!). We did some warmup running and drills, then did takedown work for a good amount of time with varying levels of resistance. This ended with 100% resistance and some timed sprinting.

We then did a new drill Chris has us doing where we get 3 man groups and each take a turn in guard for 6 rounds. The drill has one man staying in guard, with 30 second live rolling rounds. The goal for both combatants is to score a point. If you don't score a point, you have to do pushups. The fresh man from the group comes in after each rounds while the bottom man stays. We do this until all three guys have cycled through. This is a lot of fun and a great workout.

We didn't learn any of Cramptons crazy moves today, but instead did 45+ minutes of live rolling! This was a ton of fun and I got a ton of fun rolls in. I focussed on my half guard and sweeps and was moderately effective. Chris mixed things up as people kept sitting out. He decreed that if you sat you, you would have to do 20-30 pushups to earn your way back on the mat! The amount varied round to round, but this helped keep people in the game.

Fun class! Awesome job, Chris!

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