Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Gi

Wednesday is no-gi class night.

Mr. Hyde put 8 guys through a tough workout including his famous HIIT sprints, isometric excercises, and perverse pushups that make grown men make gregorian grunting sounds.

We then did Hydes patented kneebar flow drill and modified triangle drill. Ryan took time to explain in detail the "what" and "why" of each part of the position to the newbs.

We then went over the Hyde-o-plata or what some people refer to as the "carni" from half guard. This is one of my favorite moves, so I'm always excited to go over again to try and pick up some small details I may have missed. Ryan explained the entire position and setup in detail. You have to be on your side, shrimp out, and push the head away. Your bottom leg is not so much of a concern. If you can use it to hook the back leg, great. If not, no big deal. Hyde prefers the guy rolling anyways to end up on top. This move always gets some ooohs and aaahs from the peanut gallery.

After playing with the Hyde-o-plata for a while, Ryan showed a sweep he's been working on from bottom side control. It is a pendulum sweep variation when the guy isolates your arm threatening a straight arm lock. You need to use your pinned arm to secure his arm, then reach back for his back leg (the opposite one from what you would do a typical pendulum sweep like the video. You lift your legs (and hips) in the air and use the momentem to sit up on your butt, sweeping him over. People had some problems getting the exact timing down, so this may be one we need more reps with. I hit it solid a few times and it becomes effortless to sweep the guy over.

We finished up with live rolling well passed the scheduled class time =)

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