Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday night bootcamp

15....30....45...100....45....30....15. DONT LOOK AT THE CLOCK OR WE'RE STARTING OVER.


I think Clint is starting to take this whole cardio thing pretty serious. The intensity level is definitely bumping up a notch as we have just over a month before the Arnolds. Cardio was nutZ (with a capital Z) and lasted pretty much the whole first hour. We then split off into regular class and basics class.

I went with the basics class today as I am still intrigued with improving my knee lead guard pass. Several new faces were at the class so C did a basic introduction to the knee lead, covering the basics of the movement. We did some reps practicing the pass, with varying levels of resistance. We then started from the knees with one man pulling guard and practiced "landing" in the knee lead as opposed to resetting yourself in the guys full guard. DONT GO IN SOMEONES FULL GUARD IF YOU DONT HAVE TO, BEN. MAKE THINGS EASIER. GOOD JIU JITSU IS EASY, NOT HARD. Sorry for the shouting, but I have to remind myself of this basic concept repeatedly as I always seem to not do it.

Afterwords we rolled for like 25 minutes. Everyone was exausted from class, so finding willing partners was a little tough. I ended up getting a couple fun rolls in.

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