Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Class sweeps

The cardio simply isn't gonna get easier. This is no place for a nervous person. We did an hour of hard cardio followed by armbar/triangle drills and some positional rolling starting in guard.

Clint went over the armbar from the JG guard, and then a sweep that was new to me from JG guard. The armbar is familiar to me, but was good practice as we haven't covered it. Key points are to start the kicking motion on the "spidered" arm simultaneously as you let go of that sleeve to grab the farside elbow. When you let go of the "spidered" arm, it is free so you don't have time to screw around. You have to kick your leg up as a trigger to move your hips to end up facing the ear as always to finish a good armbar.

The sweep Clint showed was when the enemy stands up while you have them in JG guard. You extend your "spidered" leg in between the opponents leg. It is important to keep the leg in the middle of his legs (right by the nuggets), and not hook by the hip. You then extend the player out, grab his free arm, and dump him to the side. I struggled with this at first, but after a few reps started to understand the movement. I will need some more practice.

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