Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No-Gi (is the devil)

Hyde's no-gi class ran really well today. There were maybe 10 or so students there. Cardio included my new favorite (meaning I hate it) sprinting then plank...then sprinting then plank. This forces your tired muscles to continue contracting, while making it challenging to breathe. Kind of like Michigan Adventure is "two parks for the price of one" hurt and you can't breathe.

We then continued to go over the kneebar flow drill. Kneebar, to other kneebar, to heelhook. Hyde went into a little more detail with the reasons for each position, as well as the defenses; showing what your opponent is likely to do in each position. This is extremely good for me as I need all the reps of this movement as I can get.

Hyde then showed his favorite way to attack the turtle to the front. It's a "arm in" guillotine, where you swing your bottom knee to the guys side and your top knee on top of his back. It's kinda sorta a peruvian necktie variation. I had a little trouble with it, as i have this awful bruise on my knee from yesterdays practice (along with a blister on my toe...woe is me).

We finished class with about 10 mins of rolling.

I only have one more class tomorrow before I go on my vacation. I will have to go over a week without BJJ, rolling, grappling, washing my gi, getting choked, etc. It will be the longest stretch where I haven't been to class since I started 14 months ago. This is sad, especially with the Arnolds coming up so soon after, but I am planning on hitting up some cardio on the cruise ship.


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