Saturday, January 10, 2009

Carlson Gracie Jr. Seminar

I am spoiled.

Clints good friend and mentor Carlos Gracie Jr. came up from Chicago for a seminar tonight. His old school, technical, deliberate but unstoppable type of jiu jitsu was on display for everyone to see.

He started off with side control basics. We started out in scarf hold position, learning subtleties for keeping the opponent immobilized. From there we learned two different ways to take the back from the position, and a sweet inverted armbar.

Junior then showed us a ridiculously sweet back take when your opponent turtles. You fake a clock choke and end up rolling them to their back in perfect position to pull the gi acrossed their neck. Way cool!

We finished up with a standing guard pass combined with a knee lead pass, which was similar to the basic pass that I have already learned. We finished the class by watching Clint and Junior roll. They were just flowing from position to position like water, using very little energy. It was an impressive display of what true BJJ is. We then took 2 rounds of live rolling. I got to roll with Dan-o and Jorge-o. The flow wasn't exactly up to the two impressive black belts levels, but It was fun!

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