Sunday, January 18, 2009

domingo de quatro horas

First 2 hours....GI:

Chris gnarls his teeth through his tilted grin as he runs his sadistic cardio. We then go over the pendulum sweep we do from the JG guard. I need to remember to use one fluid motion to shoot my arm in for the leg. I also need to open my legs more before bring the opponents weight on top of me. I got to roll with a few different guys including Dan-O. I worked pretty good guard, and didn't let him pass. I need to continue to work defensive guard but build some sick offensive go-to's off of my setups. I was exhausted after class. Hyde dislocated his thumb and pulled it back in. He toughed it out like the crazy bastard he is. Mitch tenderly wrapping it is on video.

Next 2 hours....GI-Less

Having just done tons of cardio, Hyde made sure we did extra hard cardio. Sprint, plank, sprint plan, 30 pushups, sprint, crabwalk, mountain climber, sprint plank. We had this pleanant new guy come to this as his very first class ever. He sprinted towards the bathroom, but before he could make it to the back locker room area he projectile vomited all over the door. See facebook for pictures.

We did two main technique drills. We started with the kneebah drill we now do. Kneebah to Kneebah, to heelhook. Flow with the go.

We then did the surboard standup pass. Make sure to stay cup to cup, and move the enemies head toward you to intesify the pain.

We finished with a few rolls. I rolled mostly with newer guys

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