Friday, January 16, 2009

Competition Class

There were 5-6 people at comp class tonight which was a nice change of pace from last week when no one but me (and Mr. Hyde of course) showed up. There was a nice mix of people I got to roll with including Matt (blue belt), Jeff (crazy legs), Justin (mma studmuffin), random new guy (who rolled remarkably calm for being new...although he said he was "self trained" and that he won some grappling tournament in battle creek, and of course Ryn-o-plata Hyde.

Shockingly, we started off with killer cardio. By verbal decree from Big Dawg, ALL classes will now have cardio. Ryan doesn't mess around with cardio either and we got a good 45 mins in. The highlight at the end included hard sprints folloed immediately by 2 minutes of plank position. This is MUCH harder then it seems, and is a great (yet horrifying) excercise to control your breathing and get your mind in check.

I got a bunch of good rolls in. As it's competition class I dropped my typical "working only on guard" stuff and tried to roll more like I will at the Arnolds. This means focusing on takedowns, staying in good position, and making smart offensive decisions ensuring I keep good position. I think I did a pretty good job and was fairly happy with my performance overall. My takedowns were more crisp then they have been in a while, but my guard passing still needs some work. I took it "slow and low" and did OK, but it's not as silky smooth as it needs to be for me to get to the next level of my progression.

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