Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Class: to gi, or not to gi?

Decision time. Should I go to gi class, or no-gi class? Yes. The answer is clear that you go to both.

Chris's class was excellent as always. We did an insane amount of cardio. Longer mats and Chris don't make a good combination. We then went over a few techniques, most of which were reviewing the side control "immobilization" from the Carlson Jr. seminar. There was a decent amount of free rolling after which is always a good time.

Next was the first no-gi class of the D.A.'s life. Mr. Hyde did his thing with the small group of people. I like his no-nonsense, intense teaching style. And i'm not just saying that because he just subscribed to my blog =).

We earned a sweeeeet lockflow going from kneebar, to different kneebar, to heel hook. This is going to be very helpful in my noobful education on leglocks. He then showed a few other no-gi specific submissions including a bicep slice from full guard and a calf crush.

Kneebars are great, but you have to know the rules before doing a KNEEBAH

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