Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We had a really good hard practice last night. Coach Hyde put us through a good warmup, then we did a ton of situational guard passing drills. Mr. Hyde then showed the guard pass that Carlson Jr. taught when he was last here, as well as a counter for it. The guard pass is a basic knee in the butt "gracie gift" style pass with a couple tweaks. The counter was awesome, and I think Hyde said he came up with it rolling with his partner in crime, Dan-O. As your opponent comes up with a single leg of your underhooked, you grab his wrist with one hand, and elbow with the other in a kimura like grip. You use this like a kimura sweep. Using his momentum you can roll him right over. It was very cool.

We did a few 6 minute live rolling matches, followed with jogging, and more rolling. We finished up the day with 10 minutes of hard HIIT sprinting and some strength exercise. It was a great class and I was sweating bullets. I dropped about 5 pounds, despite drinking about 40 oz of water throughout the practice.

We are definitely ramping up for our Jorge Gurgel association tournament which is in about 3 weeks. I am going to go in the 170-190 lb weight class in blue belt and advanced no-gi. I was 202 (yes I'm a fatass) about a week or so ago. I settled in a few days later at 200 lbs to start my diet/cut. After cutting out soda and really bad food, combined with a few tough BJJ practices I am now at 196 fully hydrated. It should be pretty easy from here on out as long as the evil food demons don't haunt me too badly.

Thought of the day:
It's not what you do when your coach is watching that makes you better. It's what you do when your coach ISN'T watching that makes you better.

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That's a great thought of the day.