Wednesday, July 8, 2009

29 days till glory

I went to no-gi class today which was awesome since I haven't been able to do a no-gi class in like 3 weeks. Ryan "the mountain lion" Stutz taught the class today, and did a great job. We did a lot of drilling armbars/triangles/oma platas from the guard and worked some basic guard passing. We then did some situational rolling focused on guard pass/sweep games.

The tone of class is going to be simple focused training for the next month, as we prepare for our Jorge Gurgel association tournament in Cincinnati. Clint said in class last night that we won't be learning crazy new techniques, but rather focus on cardio and basics. Big Dawg says that if you can pass someones guard effectively, you will break there will, and they will let you submit them. This makes a lot of sense to me, and knowing guard passing isn't my biggest strength, motivates me to put that piece of my game up front to work on.

I am planning on attending most all classes for the next couple weeks, so life should be good again. The D.A. gets angry when he can't roll.

I am now on the Twitter rage, and you can see my twitter posts on the top right of this page. You can also click the link below to follow me. I started getting more into it following Jorge Gurgel as he put some cool stuff up about his last fight. Also my head instructor, Big Dawg, now is doing the twitter thing.

Peace and BJJ!

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