Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Awesome week

I get to train most every day this week! This means life is good! On top of that Jorge Gurgel will be taking over my school this week Thursday through Sunday! He will be teaching all the BJJ and MMA classes and I'm getting a private with him as well. This should be an awesome time, with some great workouts to tune up my game before the Jorge Gurgel association tournament in a couple weeks.

Today is no-gi class at 4pm with Mr. Hyde. If it's as muggy as last night, I plan on sweating bullets. I am "walking around" at about 196-197, and have been 194 after practices the past couple days. With some good workouts and continued good eating habits it should (knock on wood) be an easy cut down to 189 to make the 170-190lb division at the JG association tourney.

Last night at class I put in place a couple things I learned from rolling with Mr. Hyde and Dan-O recently. I tried to use my head as a makeshift underhook and a quick push of the elbow to make a pseudo arm drag. I need some tweaking on both, but am excited that I can fit these tweaks into my game right away.

Time to work, then train, then eat, then sleep, then train with JORGE!!!

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