Friday, May 15, 2009


I have been on vacation this week, which has allowed me to focus even more on BJJ. Tomorrow I will be going with a couple guys to the Toledo Open. We will be leaving Grand Rapids at 6:30am, so I hope I'm not dragging ass all day. I'm looking forward to having some fun and hopefully showing some good jiu jitsu along the way. The weight classes are big and great for me, so cutting won't be an issue. I will be in the 180-200 class, and I'm weighing like 197 right now. I was walking around at 193-194 a couple weeks ago, so I'm heading in the wrong direction. I think I am going to go 189 for Naga on May 30 instead of 179. I don't know that it would benefit me to cut that much weight in just a couple weeks.

I was able to go to wrestling takedown class last saturday for the first time, which was awesome! Wrestling definitely works different muscles then BJJ. I would say BJJ is more lower core and hips and wrestling is more upper core hips and abs. We learned some setups for double leg takedowns and got some short but intense drilling in. I was pretty sore after, especially considering I went to a tough BJJ class that night. Thankfully Sunday class was cancelled do to mothers day.

This week has been fun. I was able to make one of C's morning classes, along with with all the regular evening classes. Because of my vacation, I'm able to get some naps in during the day, which has made me a little more fresh for class. This is probably how normal people feel who only train 2-3 days a week (I usually train 5-6 days and I'm old and fat).

I ordered a couple new gi's a few weeks back, and just got word that they will be shipping in about 2 weeks. The company is Shoyoroll, which is a brand developed by Vince "Bear" Quitugua who is a brown belt currently living in California. The brand started by Vince being a gi junkie, but never finding the "perfect" gi. He decided to make his own for himself and maybe a few friends. They took what they like from all the different gi brands and molded them into one new gi. He has had a couple versions out so far which have gotten rave reviews. These are their newest versions, and I'm hoping they will be as awesome as they look. I ordered both the white and black versions of the gi. The white version is pictured above.

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