Thursday, May 7, 2009

JG guard sweep

I got to class 30 minutes or so late today. Work is once again trying to cut into my BJJ time again. I don't like it. I missed a lot of the cardio, but did come in time to get to do bug in a rug (aka barrel rolls, log rolls, those things you did in football in high school, etc). We did those followed by circuit rolling in groups of three. We did this until the first hour of class was done. Since I came late, I was only half exhausted compared to the many people who looked like they wanted to puke.

Crazy Crampton showed us his J.G. Guard sweep. J.G. is Jorge Gurgel...and J.G. guard is open guard where you have a spider guard on only one armpit, laced around the guys arm. This is obviously named as Jorge is very good at this position. Actually Jorge is good from all positions, but that's another story. We worked with our partners on getting into this guard smoothly, starting in full guard. Chris showed a couple variations of how to enter the position.

We then worked on the main sweep from the J.G. Guard. You leave your laced spider guard leg in, and with the opposite arm you dive it in under his legs. You open your legs up like a book, putting all of the guys weight on top of you. You then just dump him over. The video below shows a similar sweep, although that more "regular" spider guard, rather then the J.G. guard where your leg would be wrapped around one of the guys arms and then your foot would wedge in his armpit.

We finished up with 20 minute or so of live rolling before the wrestlers took over the mat. There were like frickin' 50 wrestlers there that was crazy.

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