Friday, May 8, 2009

Comp Class- 3 weeks till Naga

Comp class was a blast today! More people showed up today then I ever remember before. There were like 12 guys or so from what I can remember (i'm old).

Comp class is all rolling. We start on our feet and simulate a scored match. Because of the number of people, we only went 2 minute rounds. We had two people start out on the mat, and they stayed there for one whole circuit. They would each have a fresh guy come in and roll a 2 minute match with them.

I got lots of rolls in with a lot of good people. I was definitely a success. I need to work on my takedowns though. What used to be my strength is getting a bit rusty. One reason is my ear is all blown out. I have bad cauliflower on my left ear for a week or more. I've trained it literally 6 times, but keep being stupid and don't wear headgear (which i HATE) and it gets blown up again. Because it's huge and hurts, I am gun shy to get underneath a guy, worried about getting sprawled on a crossfaced. I will stop being a puss now, pardon my rant =)

Anyways, this was one of the most fun comp classes ever. C and Hyde were there rolling with everyone. C once again gave me some good advice from bottom turtle to stay moving and offensive.

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