Saturday, May 2, 2009

A brand new day

I'm finally back home from my work trip to French Lick, IN. The resort was
INCREDIBLE they put us up in, and if it wasn't literally in the middle of nowhere, I would recommend everyone to go. My wife and I got to go horse back riding and get massages in between the nice dinners and boozing.

I'm very excited for class tonight as I haven't been to one since last Tuesday. I need to step up the training for Naga Milwaukee. I was walking around at 195 for most of the time in the past couple months, but after my little "business" trip I'm now around 200. I'm planning to go 170-179 for Naga, so it's about time to get serious with the training and just as importantly, the diet.

Tonight will be my first official full class as a blue belt! I am very proud to be recognized by Clint Crabtree, and be awarded this rank promotion. I am 33 years old, and not the strongest, fastest, or most athletic guy at the gym by a long shot. But I LOVE this sport, and I LOVE my team. I have busted my ass to get to class 5-6 days per week most times for the last year and a half. I'm not the brightest, or quickest study; and I needed every minute of that time to progress my skills. I literally couldn't have done it without my incredible coaches: Clint "Big Dawg" Crabtree, Charles "Cthulhu, C, Chuckles, C-Brian" Smith, "Crazy" Chris Crampton, and Ryan "Mr." Hyde.

I also couldn't have done it without my friends and teammates. I'm not going to name names, because it's a long list, and I don't want to forget anyone, or leave anyout out....but you know who you are. You made me stay on task when I was screwing around. You pushed me to sprint harder. You corrected me when I made a mistake. You said "go, go, go" when I was just sitting there. You oma-plata'd me when I put my hand on the mat. You "thesz'd" me when I was looking the wrong direction. You crushed your shoulder into my chin so hard I thought I was going to have my jaw fall off. I have to thank everyone sincerely...white belts, blue belts, purple belts and Black belts (JG, Clint, Neto, Carlson Jr, Robson, Hermes, Tozi, etc). I have learned so much from every single one of you.

I'm ranting now, and it's only a blue belt. I have a LONG way to go to meet my ultimate goal. I want to be a Clint Crabtree black belt. That is MANY years in the future, so right now I just have to focus on my fundentals. The more fancy moves I learn, I realize that the simple basics are the most important thing. The fundementals of BJJ are there for a reason and are usually the most efficient way to get things done. I have to work a lot on my fundementals, as I make a lot of mistakes. I am in a great position being on the best team with the best instructors. I know my dreams can come true.

This all being said, I'm gonna go work my ass off tonight. Your belt only covers 2 inches of your ass, as Royce Gracie once said. I see the long journey ahead, and look forward to every single day of it.

Thank you everyone!

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