Saturday, May 2, 2009

faixa azul: dia um

My first class as a blue belt was awesome! Charles and Mr. Hyde ran the class. We warmed up with some wonderful sport specific hip and core exersises that Chuckles put together. We played guard against the wall and changed from left side to right side to inverted and back again, constantly shifting our hips. We also did a number of sitting motions where we shifted our legs to different positions. It was fun and effective.

We did some basic oma plata stuff in class, and a transition from oma to armbar. Mr. Hyde showed a variety of position he sets these up. It was a good lesson from two awesome instructors.

We had a good amount of time for some live rolling, and I was lucky enough to roll with everyone one in the room, instructors included. I picked up some much overdue tweaking on my knee lead guard pass from Chuckles. I had been questioning where to put my grips when an underhook is not readily available. He showed me to grab both the same side lapels tight; and also to lean in towards the pass as I scoot my knee lead from his weiner area to his chest. I had been staying upright too much in an attempt to keep good posture and not get swept. I think this small tweak will make my guard passes more dangerous.

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