Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sudbury Saturday Night


We had a very small class tonight, presumably because all the brainless Michigan State fans were watching their precious basketball game on the television. Screw that, BJJ is on tonight!

We got started with a quick warmup, and did mad shrimps for a long time after that. Big Dawg showed us proper mount escape form with the knee-elbow escape as well as the upa roll. Keys are to keep your bottom leg tight to the floor when you are shrimping, and to get your power top leg as close to your butt as possible to get good shrimp form. We worked these escapes for a while until the all white belt class looked better at it.

Clint then went over the brutality choke (as I call it), and the kimura sweep to kimura that we did on tuesday. Many of the guys in class weren't there on tuesday, so they were in for a treat as this chokes the life out of you. It was fun for me to get some more reps in.

After this we did live rolling, and I focussed on positional rolling and maintaining position until my opponent made a mistake, letting me advance.

Clint also hinted at some HUUUGE news this summber at GRBJJ. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag but it involves WORLD CLASS INSTRUCTION for a long period of time =)

My team rules!

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