Thursday, April 16, 2009

The return of BigDawgCrab

My head instructor, Clint "Big Dawg" Crabtree was on vacation the last week and half, but returned tonight!

Crazy Chris began class with a hard warmup including HIIT sprints and the ole' 3 man group drill. One guy stays in the whole time and plays guard, with the fresh guy in the group rotating in to play top every 30 seconds. We did this for 7 rounds, and then switched so every guy had his turn on bottom. If you didn't win the 30 second match (submit or score more points then opponent), you had to do pushups after the round. I had Crampton and MVT in my group, so needless to say, my arms were pretty sore.

After conditioning and drilling Big Dawg took the stage. He talked about how awesome our team is and proud he is of us. He also announced that there is going to be a Team Jorge Gurgel association meeting in August. JG has talked about doing this for a few years but it never really came together until now. The festivities will include and instructor meeting, a state of the team address by JG himself, and a grand in house tournament for all of the JG Army of Athletes! We are all urged to attend, and there is no doubt who the best school in the best organization is! GRBJJ all day!

After Clintao addressing the group we used the remainder of the hour of class for live rolling. I got a good 7-8 rolls in I think with a bunch of different people. It was sweet, and I can't wait until Naga Milwaukee.

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