Thursday, April 2, 2009

Choke Brutality

When Big Dawg has something rolling around in his head, the results can be devastating. Clint went to Brazil with his good friend, Robson Moura about a year or so ago. There they worked on this brutal gi choke using your own gi tail, starting out from half guard bottom. Clint has been playing with this one for a while, but said he didn't quite have it perfected enough to teach until now.

Explaining this in words probably won't do it justice, so you can probably ignore this entire post, save for my excitement.

You are in bottom half guard. You are using your hands to paw the top guys cross face away, keeping distance. You put your leg up into 93 guard position as well to keep space. You then pull the bottom side of your gi out, and grab the tail. Your opponent most likely will think you are going to try to trap his arm or something. (For this illustration we will say you are laying on your right side in half guard). You have your own gi tail in your right hand, still hand fighting. You then let him come down on your, giving him the underhook. You still have your gi tail. You pass the gi from your right hand to your left, looping it across the back of his neck. He can press down on you doesn't matter. You take your right arm and feed it under his body to the other don't have to grip anything. You shrimp out a little if you can, and insert your left leg as a butterfly hook into the guys right leg. You pull the guy on top of you as much as possible, then push him off you a little with your body, arm, and butterfly hook. With this space you created, you are going to roll across your back, under his body, and come out the other side. You are holding your own gi tail with your left hand behind his head this entire time. Once out the other side, grab his knee by the gi, and sit out to finish this vicious, brutal choke.

We worked on this for a while, which was good as it take a bit to get the movements and timing right. By the end, I was beginning to see the light!

After this we worked on kimura from half guard. Big Dawg showed a badass sweep you can do if he is good at protecting his arm. (Again we will assume you are in half guard with your right side on the floor). You try to kimura his left arm. He resists by grabbing his belt/gi/whatever. Immobilize his hand by grabbing the sleeve material on his left hand with your left hand. Take your right hand and grab his pants by the calf/ankle. Shrimp out a little if you have to and put in a half butterfly hook with your left leg. Pull him on top of you and use the butterfly hook to easily sweep him over. Land on top in perfect position to finish the kimura with your knee up blocking his back and your other leg framing his head.

I loooove these two new moves and will be playing with them for sure over the next couple months!


rob said...

Great post! Can you post a picture of this? I'm having a hard time figuring out this position.

Dutch Assassin said...

I would like to ask my instructor (Big Dawg Clint) permission before taking pictures of his techniques...and he is on vacation for a couple weeks. Possibly when he gets back I can.