Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No-Gi guard passing

Mr. Hyde is back in the HIIT sprint followed by strength exercise mold when he runs his classes. I hate sprinting, but I'm confident that it does improve my gas tank tremendously. Mr. Hyde has us run in a circle somedays, and back and forth other times, which someone actually helps make HIIT sprinting more "fun".

We focused on no-gi guard passing today. Ryan first showed a version of the Tozi pass, that is one of Jorge Gurgel's favorite no-gi/mma passes. It is similar to the video below, although Ryans version just had shoulder/armpit control on both sides instead of the underhook.

Mr. Hyde then showed his favorite pass, which we spent the most time on...the standing "surfboard" pass. You start with double armpit control then when the time is right you jump up powerfully and thrust your hips forward, with one leg forward and one leg back, as if you were standing up on a surfboard. As soon as you are fully stood up, you immediately begin going back down, using your hand to push the mans knee down to break open his guard. Once the guard is open, you can do a same side or knee across pass...or many other variations of standing guard passes suited to your game.

Hyde showed a couple more guard passes and then we got time for live rolling. Life is good.

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