Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hip Bump Sweep/Kimura/Guillotine

We worked on a series of moves from the hip bump sweep position. This is when your opponent is in your full guard, but is leaning too far back in an attempt to thwart your dangerous game.

You start by swimming your opponents arms off your chest. You then grab the same side wrist and thrust your hips up hard into the man. Clint noted that with correct form, you will end up 180 degrees from where you start.

We also worked the kimura from this position. The key details presented were to use your body momentum to take the arm...not just arm strength. You also want to pin the arm TIGHT to your body. Use your whole body to move the forearm for the tap.

If they hide their arm for the kimura, then you can switch to the guillotine. Grab the guys chin with your free arm. Then scoot your butt back a little bit, giving you room to get other hand to grap the wrist of the "chin holding hand". It can be arm in, or arm out..doesn't matter. Pull guard but don't just lay a sit up type movement to pressure towards him to finish the brutal choke.

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