Friday, September 25, 2009

Tourney Time Friday

“The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity” -Andre Gide

After some mediocre performances at a couple tournaments, I swore off tournaments until next year. Well, tomorrow I am going to compete in the Michigan Open in metro Detroit. It is a traditional gi only tournament. I am in the heavyweight division (194-208 I think with the gi on). With a little cutting, I am sure I could have made the lower division, but with weigh ins right before your match and me being kind of fat right now, I decided against it.

I literally decided to do the tournament at the last minute. Registrations were online only and due by yesterday midnight. I signed up about an hour before they ended. I am going with two awesome teammates, Stutz and MVT. I will be in the same weight division as MVT so we will look to tear it up. It is double elimination, so we are pretty much guaranteed two matches.

My goal for this tournament is to roll to my potential. I want to use good technique to show competing schools why GRBJJ is the best. I have full confidence in my technique, and just need to avoid making my typical beginner mistakes. I need to keep good posture, especially when passing the guard. I need to focus on getting takedowns and scoring points early before attempting any submissions. I have been rolling fairly well in class the last few weeks, but still struggle to be supremely consistent. I think I have learned from my recent defeats at my last couple tournaments and can use them to become a better grappler. My goal from the start wasn't to win white belt and blue belt medals, it's to become a Clint Crabtree BJJ black belt (after winning the mundials of course).

Today I have to go work in Lansing. There just happens to be an MMA show in Lansing tomorrow, and my teams very own Ninja Bunny Carrow is going to fight for the 155lb title! After work today I am going to go to the venue (Hooters parking lot), and see if I can help set up the cage. They are using our cage for the fight and Dan-O is leading the charge to move the cage there this afternoon. After the tournament tomorrow, I am going stop in Lansing on the way back home and check out the fights. I hope I can find somewhere to take a shower in the meantime. I hate being caked in dry sweat.

Well, wish us luck tomorrow! For some reason I felt like I needed to go to this tournament and compete, so I will give it all I got!


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Anonymous said...

Good Luck My Brothers!!
I know you will do great.