Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tournament of doom

Me, MVT, and Stutz did the Michigan BJJ Open today. MVT had overtime battles in all his matches, Stutz battled to 2nd (despite being tossed 12 feet in the air by this Ukranian judo guy like 3 times), and I didn't do so well.

I won my first match by points against a Saulo guy. In the semi's I went against a guy named Saif from Warrior Way. I knew he was a good wrestler, as I remember seeing him at the ADCC Regionals.

Saif shot a single leg, but left a hand on the mat. I immediately went to an oma plata. He postured up and I tried to keep the postion, shoving my foot under his chin. Then I heard my knee pop twice. SHIT. I screamed causing a verbal tap, and I was done for the day. I can barely walk now and probably need to go get a MRI.

THIS SUCKS. I wasn't even supposed to go to this tournament. Video coming soon.

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