Saturday, September 26, 2009

Michigan Open Replay

Initial strategy:

We had like 10 guys in our group, and it was double elimination. Knowing this, and knowing I might have 3-5 matches, I wanted to come in calm and not waste unnecessary energy. I wanted to work for a submission if it's there, but not force anything. I wanted to play top when possible, and work a good solid pressure game so that I could get good results with moderate effort.

My first match:

I knew this guy did some Judo, as he faced my teammate at Naga Milwaukee and Judo threw him. Not wanting to get thrown, I came in real low, and was going to be a little conservative; shooting a single/double if it came or probably pull guard. I took a pretty weak shot but got a hold of his leg. I pulled it towards me and pulled him down. I don't think I got takedown points, but don't know how it could be anything but a takedown. I ended up in the guys half butterfly guard, and slowly worked my way to hook his butterflied foot, and move around his leg to pass the guard. Eventually I work the pass and clear my arm for the 3 points.

Starting at about 2:00, I had a pretty good side mount, and was going to work knee on belly to mount. I heard my corner tell me to go to north south though, so that's what I did. I tried to set up a a little gi choke from north south, but the opponent nicely scrambled out of it. I maintained my lapel grip on his neck and was able to break him back down to his half guard. We reset after going out of bounds, and knowing I was up 5-0 (or so I thought), I wanted to crush him down a little bit. He does well to get back to his feet at 4:30, and I see an opening to pull deep half guard. I'm not sure if they gave him sweep points for this or not. I almost instantly pulled a "Tozi sweep" from deep half guard for two points. The Tozi sweep is a deep half guard pendulum sweep the great Roberto Tozi taught us at a seminar a summer or two ago. I got 2 points for the sweep, so I think the score should be 7-0, but it might be 5-2 if they somehow didn't give me takedown points and depending if they gave him a sweep when I pulled deep half guard.

I work in his guard for a while and work to pass. I pass right before 6:30, but do not maintain it for 3 seconds, so I'm cool with no points for this. He then muscles me over from side control and gets a 2 point sweep. This is not a sweep as it didn't start from guard. Oh well. I scoop my hips back in half guard and the match ends. Two different people said I won by 1 point, which I don't know how that is possible. I score the match 7-0 for me with a takedown, guard pass, and sweep. The ref was Angelo Popofski who is a respected BJJ blackbelt and pro mma fighter, but I don't know that this was his best work on the scoring.

I think I did just fair in the match. My hips were too high at several points. The guy was strong, long, and wirey, and I kept good base most of the time. I think I could have worked some knee in the middle passes a few times, and definitely think I could have scored some more points or submitted him if I was more agressive.

My 2nd match I hurt myself doing a dumb oma-plata. I definitely have not mastered the rubber guard. As my teammate Ryan pointed out, the big mistake I make hear is pulling my leg with my foot. This is basically inside heel hooking myself. I hear my knee pop twice and then scream with pain. My opponent went to the finals taking 2nd place.

I have been icing my knee and taking ibuprofen. I will probably see a doctor in the next couple days. This suck, this sucks, this sucks.

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